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AXIS U291 Server with Q7406 Blades

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Topic: AXIS U291 Server with Q7406 Blades
Posted By: sawadee
Subject: AXIS U291 Server with Q7406 Blades
Date Posted: 20 Nov 2017 at 11:37am
Don't see much activity here so thought I would post my setup for the subject system in my recently install Snap-Link App. I install an Omni Pro in my new home I built in 2000. I upgraded to a 3 serial port Omni Pro II in 2010 and have purchased a new but not yet installed Omni Pro II 5 port (Firmware programmerable) version.

1. I have set up each camera channel in the three Q7406 Blades installed (6 channels each) with an assigned Port number (different one for each).

2. Programmed my Obiquiti EdgeMAX8 router to allow pass through for these 18 ports to their respective local IP addresses on my network.

3. Setup a account so my changing external IP address can be tracked and updated. I now log in to my home network using along with a port for the desired camera. I.E. http:\\
(actually did this DYNDNS part 14 years ago)

4. Programmed each camera into Snap-Link but had to use the JPG format (Note: JPG & MJPEG worked with this address format)
and use the following address format:

I am now trying to set up an AXIS P7214 4 port Video Server. Will post if successful.
If anyone has done this and have an address format that works please let me know as the Snap-Link built in AXIS SERVER setting does not work for this P7214 video server.

Omni Pro II
UPB Lighting
Schlage Connect Locks (Zwave)

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